An advertising website for Bikers with Businesses, Biker friendly businesses and a place for Bikers wanting to do business with other bikers with businesses.

This business has been developed to promote the biker’s businesses with other bikers and support each other in something that is our passion. There is great potential in this website and the scope is vast.

It may take two wheels to enjoy the open road, but it only takes one click to connect to people who share your passion for biking.

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 Bikers4Bikersbiz began through the initiative of a Biker Business man who shares the same interest as fellow Bikers with Businesses.

The aim with this Website is:

To serve the motorcycling community by connecting them to fellow bikers and other individuals with businesses who support the Biker Community;

To provide a service where bikers will be able to contact various fellow Bikers of the Road;

To deal with bikers who understand each other and support their own.


Shawn Rowley

Tel:  +27836511592